Creating missing values in factors


I was looking at some breast cancer data recently, and was analyzing the ER (estrogen receptor) status variable. It turned out that there were three possible outcomes in the data: Positive, Negative and Indeterminate. I had imported this data as a factor, and wanted to convert the Indeterminate level to a missing value, i.e. NA.

My usual method for numeric variables created a rather singular result:

x <- as.factor(c('Positive','Negative','Indeterminate'))
x1 <- ifelse(x=='Indeterminate', NA, x)
##  int [1:3] 3 2 NA

This process converted it to an integer!! Not the end of the world, but not ideal by any means.

Further investigation revealed two other tidyverse strategies.


This method changes the values to NA, but keeps the original level in the factor’s levels

x2 <- dplyr::na_if(x, 'Indeterminate')
##  Factor w/ 3 levels "Indeterminate",..: 3 2 NA
## [1] Positive Negative <NA>    
## Levels: Indeterminate Negative Positive


This method drops the level that I’m deeming to be missing from the factor

x3 <- dplyr::recode(x, Indeterminate = NA_character_)
##  Factor w/ 2 levels "Negative","Positive": 2 1 NA
## [1] Positive Negative <NA>    
## Levels: Negative Positive

This method can also work more generally to change all values not listed to missing values.

x4 <- dplyr::recode(x, Positive='Positive', Negative='Negative', 
## [1] Positive Negative <NA>    
## Levels: Negative Positive

Other strategies are welcome in the comments.

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